Siberian wood, Sibir wood trading

Our company has been processing Siberian wood for more than 11 years. Our company is located in the very center of vast Russia in Krasnoyarsk Territory.


We have the advantage of the quality of the wood growing here. The northern location at the base of the Sayan mountains and severe climate of Siberia slows down significantly the rates of growth of the entire vegetation, the trees inclusive, making these forest giants hard and solid with beautiful texture of the face after the sawing.


Remoteness from the cities as well as mountain air and intact nature of Siberia create the ecologically safe wood. Woodprocurement for our production is done in the area of two rivers confluence: Yenissei river and Angara river (these are the northern regions of the Krasnoyarsk Territory and the Irkutsk Region). Siberian taiga has an obvious advantage of the rich composition of soft wood that we use in processing. This is Angarsk pine, Siberian larch, Siberian spruce, Siberian cedar.


The modern equipment, extensive experience of work in the wood processing industry sector and tightly-welded and qualified team of the company made it possible to obtain the high quality of the manufactured production, corresponding to the international standards. Wood sawing is done on machines with rotary saw: multiple saw machines «ЦМ-200», «ATLANT». Wood planning is done on «Beaver – 620» machine. Owned workshop of tool grinding and repairing of sawing machinery keeps the tools in the required technological condition. Annual production of our company makes up to 40,000 cubic meters of the finished material. Our products trade area is defined by the following countries: China, Egypt, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan etc.

Today we are glad to offer our products to partners in Europe.

For this purpose we have opened own company in the Republic of Slovenia to be able to timely decide the issues of the business partnerships and be closer to our partners.